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Terms and conditions of nestocean.com Services for registration

The term ‘nestocean.com’ used in this document always refer to the services offered by the ‘Flake Media’. Thus wherever the term is used it stands for the company and all the documents or agreements mentioning nestocean.com will be a reference to the company nestocean.com Media (the company that holds the complete registration rights and offers the services of the nestocean.com.com website).

This document covers all the terms and conditions as well as the site’s privacy policy that are applicable to all the registered members / unregistered users. Entire services of the site are provided under these terms and conditions.

Each of these terms as well as conditions is applicable to all the registered members / unregistered users when any new feature or service is introduced on nestocean.com, in the future as well.

In case if you do not comply with any of the terms and conditions of nestocean.com, you remain without any rights to use any of the services provided by nestocean.com; neither should you register yourself as a member of the site nor should you use any of its services.

If any of the Policy of terms, conditions or notices is revised, then you may be able to use them only after accepting the revised policy / policies of the site.

In such cases, the continued use of the nestocean.com site is totally governed by this new agreement between you and the site.

As the new agreement replaces the old one, the previous agreement becomes null and void and the further use of this site will be in accordance with the new agreement and not with the old agreement.

nestocean.com holds all the rights to either discontinue or remove (partially or wholly) any of the sites’ services. In similar instances, the site remains unbound to inform the registered members / unregistered users through any notice.

The site nestocean.com will remain the sole authority to assign this agreement. Further it holds the entire rights to transfer its whole/part of assets and obligations to a successor.

The company holds full rights to manage the site’s entire assets – whether to sale, lease or to do whatever seems appropriate with the site. However the terms and conditions, even at cases of sale or merging, will remain applicable and binding to all its beneficiaries, respective representatives, successors, administrators and heirs.

nestocean.com will never be responsible for any of the contents posted on the website by the users in forms of views/ expressions or as details about the services which are not provided by the site.

This agreement is meant to make the site nestocean.com and its owners, sponsors and shareholders or even any of the site’s staff secure against all harms caused by the omission or errors posted in the site by others.

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